Sleep deprivation proved an aggravating factor in the death of legendary pop artist Michael Jackson. | Corbis Images

Ways Not Getting Enough Sleep Messes You Up

As far as your health is concerned, nothing can be gained from losing sleep.

Published On 06/24/2013
10:55 AM EDT
A single night of sleep loss can have an immediate effect on the body. | Corbis Images
Missing out on your Zs can lead you to gain a few LBs. | Getty Images
Being tired and sick is no way to go through a day. | Corbis Images
Sleep-deprived children can act out if they don't get their rest. | Corbis Images
Gambling and sleep deprivation are as winning a combination as alcohol and firearms. | Corbis Images
Sleepy isn't sexy. | Getty Images
Losing sleep can mess with your genes. | Getty Images
Driving while drowsy isn't a leading cause of crashes, but it is among the most preventable. | Getty Images
Sleep loss can impact memory and learning ability. | Getty Images
Long-term sleep deprivation can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and other potentially life-threatening conditions. | Corbis Images