Watch a Hungry Aussie Spider Haul Away a Mouse

A huntsman spider and viral video sensation from Down Under displays super-strength as it carries a rodent meal across the top of a refrigerator.

If you've never seen a spider haul a mouse up a fridge, well here's your chance. Courtesy of Facebookers from Australia, this video has touched a nerve with arachnophobes and arachno-fans far and wide.

The super-strength arachnid is a huntsman's spider, from the family Sparassidae (a.k.a., "giant crab spiders") – a type of fast-moving predator with long legs that's a common sight in Australia and other warm spots across the globe.

The footage, posted to Facebook by "Aussie Off Roaders" and credited to Jason Womel, has so far racked up more than 1 million views, with some 18,000 users weighing in with comments.

The setting for the drama is less than dramatic: the side of a refrigerator. But such is life for spiders (and mice):

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Huntsman spiders aren't lethally threatening to humans, although they will offer a hard bite if they're under threat themselves. They're ground hunters that live in human homes and outdoors in tree bark instead of building cozy webs. Their venom is good enough to render their prey immobile. Usually, they dine on insects but they're not entirely averse to bigger fare such as a gecko or, it seems, a mouse.

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