Witness the Mysterious World of West African Voodoo

Experience a West African Voodoo Ceremony First Hand

The religion of Voodoo is practiced all over the world, but holds its roots in West Africa. It is here that millions seek the guidance of  voodoo priests to help cure a sickness, rid themselves of a curse, or even find true love. In order to create remedies for these issues, the priests often turn to a special place that holds all the necessary ingredients.

The tiny West African nation of Togo contains the region’s largest Voodoo market. The  ‘Marche des Fetches’ contains a cornucopia of Voodoo items including animals in various states of decay, shrunken leopard heads, dried owls, powdered chameleon and even human skulls. These are the ingredients used by voodoo priests to concoct the perfect cure to your ailment.

In this 360 immersive experience, Seeker Correspondent, Addison O'Dea, travels to Togo to participate in a traditional Voodoo ceremony.