What Human Body Part Is Most Nutritious To Eat?

Only some of our ancient ancestors were cannibalistic, and a new study sheds light onto why more of them didn't eat other humans.

What does human flesh taste like? I mean, at some point in our lives we've all asked ourselves that question, right? No? Well, based on the testimonies of some convicted modern day cannibals, we have a small idea.

Some of these man-eaters have compared the taste and  texture to pork, or veal or even chicken. Now, we might not all agree on what human flesh tastes like, but one researcher wanted to at least find out if we have any nutritional value.

By examining bite and stone tool marks on ancient bones, archaeologists have determined that some of our ancestors were cannibalistic at times. We don't really know how prevalent cannibalism was or why some might have practiced it. But the new study has shown that those who did eat people, probably weren't doing it for sustenance.

Because it turns out, eating human isn't that good for you, at least compared to other food options.