Have We Really Engineered a Plane That Prevents Jet Lag?

How are aerospace engineers trying to improve their aircraft technologies and designs to minimize the uncomfortable symptoms of jet lag?

Flying to far off destinations and exploring a new city is great, except for the jet lag you inevitably get after you land. If you’ve ever been on a long flight across multiple time zones, you have probably experienced the unfortunate symptoms of jet lag. Simply put, jet lag is a temporary sleep disorder that typically occurs when you cross two or more time zones.

When you take off from one time zone and land in another, your body’s circadian rhythms can’t just magically adapt, because your body still thinks you are in the time zone from which you came. This can leave you feeling irritable, tired, and it can even cause stomach problems. Fortunately, it is temporary. It varies from person to person how long the symptoms last, but typically it takes a day per time zone crossed before your body can adapt to the new rhythm

Now despite multiple research and engineering efforts, there is no total cure for jet lag, but how are aerospace companies improving their aircraft engineering and design to minimize the uncomfortable symptoms of jet lag?

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