There Is Alcohol In Space!

There is currently a giant cloud of alcohol floating around in space! In addition, NASA and others have been experimenting with various alcohols in space. Trace is here to discuss about all of the different types of alcohol in space.

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Space whisky coming home from the ISS
"Since the dawn of the Space Age, boffins have worked on how to provide astronauts travelling to distant worlds with food, water, and oxygen."

There's 'whisky' in space and it's coming home soon
"Three years ago, the Scottish distillery Ardbeg packed 20 test tubes filled with charred oak and terpenes - organic compounds that are the basic building blocks of whisky - and had them shot into space for an experiment."

Why Astronauts Were Banned From Drinking Wine In Outer Space
"The story behind NASA's brief embrace of extraterrestrial sherry is a curious one."

Resveratrol prevents the wasting disorders of mechanical unloading by acting as a physical exercise mimetic in the rat
"Long-term spaceflight induces hypokinesia and hypodynamia, which, along microgravity per se, result in a number of significant physiological alterations, such as muscle atrophy, force reduction, insulin resistance, substrate use shift from fats to carbohydrates, and bone loss."

Suds in Space
"Bubbly, frothy and ticklish -- soft drinks and beer promise a welcome taste of home to faraway space travelers."

Beer in space: A short but frothy history
"After allegations that astronauts flew drunk, NASA's rules on alcohol are under scrutiny."

Russia lets cosmonauts drink - but they musn't go into orbit
"After years of official prohibition, cosmonauts will soon be able to unwind with a drink after a hard day at the International Space Station."

Alcohol clouds in space
"Yes, there is a giant cloud of alcohol in outer space. It's in a region known as W3(OH), only about 6500 light years away."

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