These Liquid-Repelling Materials Defy Nature’s Design, Here’s How

Superhydrophobic coatings have properties that are seemingly impossible. But this material science field is making some exciting developments with materials that are even more impressive, and omniphobic. You might have heard of a term called hydrophobic, which can mean you’re really scared of water, but in this case we’re talking about an object being extremely water repellent. You might see this with water on a nonstick cooking pan when it beads up and rolls around with ease.  

But surfaces can not only be only hydrophobic, but omniphobic, meaning virtually any kind of liquid, from water to oil can slide off a surface with ease. Which isn’t material you’d find in nature.  The applications for a property like this are endless. They could help with the day to day cleaning of your house, make electronics water resistant, could help ships glide through water faster and even help heat transfer at nuclear power plants. Reasons like these are probably why scientists have spent years trying to get it right. So what’s the hold up?

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