Predators vs. Prey On The African Savanna

See wild animals up close on an African safari

The African savanna is a vast, sprawling grassland ecosystem. These rolling landscapes stretch across multiple countries and are home to a diverse community of animals. 

These species all interact with each other, forming a complex and interdependent relationship. Lionesses are constantly on the prowl for food, scoping out herds of wildebeest to take down for a meal. But the presence of the wildebeest safeguards another species in the grasslands, the vulnerable giraffe. The rumbling wildebeest herd distract the lions away from these leggy herbivores, protecting them from extinction. Other fast moving predators, like the cheetah, can pick off meerkats for a quick meal. Which is why these small rodents are constantly on the lookout for predators. 

All living things depend on each other for survival, and changes in one species can potentially affect another that share this special ecosystem. This VR episode journeys through the African grasslands, bearing witness to the predator-prey symbiosis.