Neural Lace Promises to Connect Our Brains to the Internet

Elon Musk is funding research towards "neural lace," a brain computer interface technology that could allow our brains to compete with AI.

"Neural lace" was coined by Iain Banks in a long running set of science fiction novels. In the books, the tech helps brains interact with AI, and with each other. Back in the real world, tech companies want to give your brain this same upgrade!

Neural lace might sound shiny, but it's just another way of saying, Brain Computer Interface — something scientists have experimented with for decades.

This totally took off in the 90s, and by the late 2000s there were more than 100 new, peer-reviewed papers a year just looking at how to hook up man to machine.

Neural lace's promise, is that the lace would be injected into the brain, embed itself, and then live in there, intertwined with your brain cells - translating your thoughts to computers, uploading and downloading information from networks and so on. This could improve memory, and allow us to keep up with AI - we could even communicate with each other!

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