Laci Says Thank You!

As Laci prepares to depart from her position as an official DNews host, she thought she would take some time to talk about the importance of expressing gratitude.

While regular viewers of DNews might be sad to learn that this is Laci Green's last episode as a host of DNews, rather than getting all choked up about it, Laci shows us why it might be healthier for you to practice some gratitude for her instead.

It might be more than just the latest "challenge" making the rounds on Facebook: There have been numerous studies showing that people who take time out of their day to practice appreciation for the people and things in their lives have a higher level of emotional well-being. "Grateful" people sleep better and are more resilient when faced with challenges or during times of struggle.

Laci wants everyone to remember that feeling gratitude is just part of the equation: expressing your gratitude has even more impact, and with that in mind she takes some time to express her gratitude for all the people who have supported her and DNews over the past couple of years as well as the DNews team.

If you are interested in following Laci post-DNews, follow her adventures on her personal youtube channel, Until then, how do you feel about gratitude? What are you grateful for today? Take some time to express gratitude for something in the comments section below and see if has a positive effect on your mental health!

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