How The Persecuted Irish Travellers Survive The Modern World

What happens to Irish Travellers when they are forced to adapt to modern life?

Irish Travellers are a nomadic ethnic group living throughout Ireland, the U.S. and the U.K. Traveller communities move in caravans, living in encampments alongside roadways. The groups traditionally live in insular trailer communities, avoiding contact the outside world. Due to this unique way of life, Travellers often face marginalization and discrimination in the United Kingdom. Travellers are often unpopular among settled communities, as they are stereotyped as unclean and uneducated.

In 2011, tensions between travellers and local government led to the eviction of an Irish Traveller community, Dale Farm, near Essex. Seeker Stories partners with Marie Turner, a professional photographer who got to know the Irish Travellers of Dale Farm, to understand the fundamental role traveling roadside plays in Irish Traveller culture.