Here's Why You Should Have A Work Spouse

Studies have found that having a close friendship with someone at work can actually improve your job performance. Why exactly is that?

The concept of a "work spouse" is relatively new. The term refers to a workplace friend who assumes the emotional support role of a wife or husband. For sociologists, this stuff is just delicious. Several recent research papers have been published on the emergence of the work spouse, so we finally have some hard numbers to work with.

According to surveys, up to 60 percent of people have a work-spouse relationship on the job. Almost always, these relationships are non-sexual, and it's pretty much 50-50 whether your work spouse will be the the same sex or opposite sex. The critical part is that the work spouse offers the kind of emotional intimacy that can make or break a workplace situation. In today's DNews special report, Trace Dominguez and Crystal Dilworth - work spouses themselves - dig into this decidedly modern social phenomenon.

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