Facts About Some Of The Creepiest Bugs In The World!

Some exotic bugs can look extremely creepy and strange. Laci is here to give you some facts about 4 of the creepiest bugs in the world.

Puss Moth - In its caterpillar stage, its cartoonish face is actually one of the puss moth's defense mechanisms to ward off predators. If that doesn't quite do the trick, they also have two horns on their tail as well as the ability to spray formic acid.

Scorpion Fly - Though these insects look terrifying, they're relatively harmless to humans. The tail portion of the body is not a stinger, but actually its genitals. Scorpion flies are also known for their mating rituals, which involve the male luring a female with its pheromones and presenting a dead insect as a gift. If the female accepts and proceeds to mate, she will eat the present while they're having sex.

Devil's Flower Mantis - This stunning looking insect has evolved overtime to blend in with its tropical environment, blending in with orchids and other plants. This helps them snatch their prey lightning fast-everything from insects to small birds.

Goliath Beetle - The largest beetle on the planet, goliath beetles have been around for the past 300 million years and tend to be found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa. These beetles can lift up to 850 times their own weight. In their larval stage, they can weigh as much as 3.5 oz (99 grams).

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Puss Moth (via A-Z Animals)
"The puss moth is a generally medium sized species of moth that is found across Europe and in parts of North Africa."

Puss Moth
"The eccentric beauty of the Puss moth caterpillar, turns into an elegant Puss moth."

Fast facts about Mecoptera (scorpion flies)
"Scorpion flies got their name because the tail end of the adult male's abdomen is swollen and turns up to look like a scorpion (see the photographs and drawing below), but the insect is harmless."

Goliath beetle Facts (via Soft Schools)
"Goliath beetle is a beetle that is ranked as the largest beetle on the planet."

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