Could We Power Spaceships With Nuclear Energy Like Submarines? (Part 3 of 3)

We use nuclear energy to power submarines, but did you know it’s also used in spacecraft? What else uses nuclear energy?

When nuclear power first came on the scene, everyone thought it would change everything. We’d soon be living in “Atomic Cities,” safe and efficient towns neighboring powerful nuclear plants. But, that hasn’t happened. What’s the hold up?

Before nuclear energy could integrate itself in our daily lives, we very quickly learned about the dangers of radiation. Some plants had meltdowns and contaminated large areas, and it became clear we might not be ready for this newfound power.

The nuclear material itself isn’t the problem, it’s the radiation. Fission is ‘dirty power’- although most of the time the radiation it produces is contained, when it gets out, it’s a public crisis. But what even is radiation to begin with? Let’s break it down.

Special thanks to Dianna Cowern for her help with this episode! Check her out on YouTube, here.

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