Drinking Wine Could Help Save Underwater Ecosystems

This young woman is producing wine in order to help save oyster reefs and protect marine life.

Oyster reefs are a habitat for thousands of marine species. For instance, one oyster can clean 30 gallons of water per day. However, for the oyster reefs in the Hudson River Estuary, over-harvesting, dredging and pollution has led to the reefs' rapid decline over the years. In order to combat this issue, the Billion Oyster Project engineers the biological process of reef restoration by using commercially farmed oysters from New York restaurants. They collect empty oyster shells from these restaurants in order to use as a substrate for the reefs, which rely on empty shells to regrow.

Seeker Stories visited Berlin Crystal Kelly, a young woman who's also making a change in this field. She left the world of finance to start her own wine-making company in order to help fund environmental programs. Berlin partners with the Billion Oyster Project by pairing her wine with oysters in restaurants, in order to redefine consumerism by encouraging millennials to support the local environment.