TV Shows Are Changing Your Political Opinions Without You Knowing It

Right now, we’re living in a super-political environment; even reading the news is considered political. Just mentioning a show can start a political argument! Is it the media that’s political or are we politicizing the news?

We consume a lot of media from news to mindless entertainment television. Studies show the media we consume can affect our opinions. From body image to political leanings our media consumption can affect a lot. There are a lot of variables here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t apply a little bit of science.

First, we have to think about television not as scripted drama or stage play, but as images and messages that are brought into your home in highly-produced packages, creating a shared national culture. Some research shows that people who consume more “light” television are more likely to be swayed. Light television is in contrast to heavy.

So while heavy might be a documentary, or hard-hitting news, light might be entertainment or variety TV. While we all see the politicization of news, surely light TV is okay, right?  Not so much. One particular team of researchers looked at Italy as a case study. They focused on areas where the TV network Mediaset was most widely syndicated.