How Seeker Will Collect the Most Extensive Data Set of the Pacific Ocean

As Ben Lecomte swims his way across the Pacific, here's how the 'Seeker' research team is collecting data on everything from plastic to plankton to singing whales.

The accomplished long-distance swimmer, Ben Lecomte, is now well into the most grueling and exciting swim of his life. For eight hours a day, he is chipping away at more than 5,000 miles of Pacific Ocean that lies ahead of him. Joining Ben is an eight person crew on board the 20-meter ship, 'Seeker'. While assisting Ben in his swim, they are also collecting data that will provide an important depiction of ocean health by tracking microplastics, monitoring plankton, and even collecting audio.

Ben is also the subject of scientific research, with data being collected on his gut biome, his heart, and his mental health. Two medics are on board to help care and conduct tests, even developing a routine to protect Ben's body and mind during this superhuman feat.

Ben has completed long distance swims throughout his life, including traversing the Atlantic Ocean in 1998. That time, he was swimming for cancer awareness and research -- this time, he's hoping for environmental change so that humanity can preserve the oceans for the future.

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