How Close Are We to Replacing Humans With Robots?

A.I. advancements are making robots look more like humans. How long until they replace us?

There are lots of different types of robots; insect robots, animal robots, jellyfish robots, toy robots, cooking robots, military robots? An android is a human-like robot; it looks like a human, talks like a human, it acts like a human. Androids are the pinnacle of robotics and artificial intelligence. Successfully building an android is essentially like creating synthetic life in our own image. So how close are we to building an android?
Right now, there are only a handful of robots that are anywhere close to passing themselves off as human. Not only do these robots look and feel weird, their artificial intelligence systems aren’t that intelligent. Roboticists and computer engineers are working on humanoid, intelligent robots all over the world.  Why? Because who doesn’t want a robot cook, butler, or driver? However, making science-fiction a reality is way harder than it looks. Even just attempting to make robots look and move like humans is hard.