Video Slideshow: Wondrous Whales from Drone's Eye View

More and more, the undersea behemoths are finding themselves starring on the internet.

This week saw the release of amazing video of an adult Bryde's whale and calf off the coast of New Zealand, in footage shot by a specialty drone from a safe distance that left the majestic animals undisturbed. Let's revisit that footage, and then take in a few more whale sightings from a drone's eye view.

Bryde's Whale Feeding Spied from Above

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The Bryde's whales -- adult and child -- were caught taking in a nice plankton meal. Feeding by the species has never before been recorded by a drone.

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Kayaker Paddles with Blue Whale

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Who can forget this wonderful footage from last summer of a kayaker paddling on the water as a beautiful blue whale drifts gently just beneath it?

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Humpback Whale Accompanied by Dolphins

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This humpback whale, a well known creature named "Gooseneck," was recorded by a drone operated by Capt. Dave's Dolphin & Whale Safari, in Dana Point, Calif. off Orange County.

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Humpback Whale Mom and Her Calf

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This footage of a humpback whale mother and her calf is hard to watch without marveling at the bond between them.

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Paddle Boarders Drift Amid a Quartet of Gray Whales

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Finally, feast your eyes on this mix of drone and POV camera footage of a pair of paddle boarders who got the thrill of a lifetime -- sharing the waves with gray whales.

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