Video Shows Brown Pelican 'Choking to Death on Oil'

New video footage shows a brown pelican 'choking to death on oil' near the site of the Gulf spill.

This week, many of us have seen disturbing photos of birds covered in oil from the BP spill in the Gulf. The suffering of these birds is almost too immense to contemplate.

Thankfully, many have been cleaned and rescued.

Oiled Brown Pelican before and after clean-up (Images: Marie Travers/International Bird Rescue Research Center)

It's a harsh reality, though, that many birds are simply too far gone to be rescued. I fear that was the case for the brown pelican shown in the below video, released today.

The animal death toll as a result of the oil spill continues to rise. For a detailed list, please Download Copy_of_FWNumbers_WEB_June3_FINAL_Sheet1.58748