Video Captures Grizzly Bear Deep-Diving for Fish

The enterprising animal takes an unusual approach in an attempt to snare a meal.

Video from a lodge in British Columbia has struck a chord with fans of animals doing the unexpected.

With 2.1 million views and counting, this video from the Facebook page of the Knight Inlet Lodge shows a grizzly bear diving well beneath the surface of a stream teeming with fish. While it comes up empty on the first attempt, the bear nonetheless doesn't seem too discouraged, preferring to bask in the sun for a moment before starting another dive. And with the next dive ... success!

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It doesn't usually happen this way. Diving for fish is a seldom-used technique for bears, according to the National Park Service. Instead, they're more likely to pounce-and-pin fish to the river bed with their paws, or simply wait atop a falls location for the fish to jump to them like a special delivery.

Knight Inlet Lodge specializes in grizzly bear viewing for its guests. An official with the lodge told Global News that last year was the first time a grizzly bear had ever been witnessed diving. However, that bear was the only practitioner of the art. This year, they say, several young bears seem to have picked up the habit from that early adopter.

Hat tip: Global News

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