Pope John XXIII "the Good" (left) and Pope John Paul II "the Great." | Wikimedia Commons

Two Popes' Path to Sainthood

Two popes will be declared saints on Sunday in a historic ceremony which will be attended by at least one million people and 19 heads of state.

April 26, 2014
9:00 AM EDT
The embalmed body of John XXIII resides in a glass coffin in St. Peter's Basilica. | Rossella Lorenzi
John XXIII in the first year of his papacy. | Wikimedia Commons
John XXIII appears on the the gestatorial chair, the ceremonial throne on which popes were carried on shoulders until 1978 (left). The pope waves on the day of his coronation (top right) and signs his last encyclical letter titled "Peace on Earth." | Wikimedia Commons
The funeral of Pope John Paul II. | Blues Brother/Wikimedia Commons
| Wikimedia Commons
John Paul II at a papal audience in St. Peter's Square, 1985. | James G. Howes/Wikimedia Commons
Pope John Paul II appears in New York City in 1979. | Thomas J. O'Halloran/Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons
John Paul II toward the end of his papacy in 2004. | Radomił Binek/Wikimedia Commons
The list of popes made saints begins with St Peter, traditionally regarded as the first leader of the church after Christ's death. | Rossella Lorenzi