New flexible and resilient materials are being developed that emit light and conduct electricity. | Samsung

Twisty-Bendy Smartphones, Tablets on Horizon

Electronic gadgets that twist and bend are eye-poppingly gorgeous.

Published On 09/26/2012
1:00 PM EDT
Manufacturers are still working to perfect the process for making whole sheets of LEDs cheaply on flexible substrates without defects. | NanoLumens
Flexible e-readers could address a number of problems that plague current machines -- namely durability. | LG Display
The South Korean electronics company Samsung recently announced that it would be producing flexible displays for the handset market in the next couple of years. | Erich Strasser /
A flexible solar panel could be shaped to fit around curves. | Armin Kuuml Belbeck / Wikimedia Commons
Flexible electronics made from carbon-based materials, such as graphene, could lead to contact lenses that monitor a person's health or provide augmented-reality vision. | Travis Ross and Yun Soung Kim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Clear, flexible speakers can mold to any surface and bring sound to rooms in a unique and unobtrusive way. | University of Texas / Ji Won Suk
Flexible devices will need bendy batteries. | Samsung