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TV Camera Watches You, Personalizes Your Viewing

Intel's new Web TV service will include a camera that could help suggest shows based on your viewing habits. ->

You have a camera on your phone, computer and gaming system, so why not your TV?

According to AllThingsD, you may soon. Intel is building a set-top box with a Web TV service. The unit will feature a built-in camera that could help provide show suggestions based on one's movements and viewing habits.

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Eric Huggers, Intel Media' corporate vice president, says that the new box will aim to personalize your time in front of the tube and could also be a boon to advertisers.

"My kids may watch programming geared toward them, and I'll watch programming geared toward me," Huggers said. "If there's a way to distinguish who is watching what, advertisers can then target ads at the proper parties."

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Whether viewers are comfortable with a camera watching them might be a tougher sell. But considering modern society is immersed in smart technology, Huggers thinks people will eventually warm up to the idea. If not, there's a flap to cover up the lens.

Credit: moodboard/Corbis via DVICE