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Trump vs. Clinton: Obama's Speechwriter Analyzes Their Style

While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are clearly two of the most polarizing candidates in history, how exactly do their speeches differ?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two very different presidential candidates – the entire previous calendar year has made this clear. The two are opposed in virtually every area of politics and ideology. Even their public speaking styles are radically different.

In today's Seeker Daily special report, Laura Ling takes a closer look at the candidate's respective approaches to public speaking and connecting with voters, with insights from David Litt, former speechwriter for President Obama.

In general, Clinton's style of speech is relatively restrained and controlled. She often uses sterile language and abstract statements, as in when she pledges to "restore fairness to our economy." She communicates ideas efficiently, but her calculated style leaves some listeners cold and hurts her in likability ratings.

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"I think Hillary Clinton is more conventional, has a more conventional relationship with her speechwriters," Litt says. "They are channeling her voice rather than replacing her voice with one that is more acceptable to voters.

Trump, on the other hand, has a very direct and often hyperbolic speaking style – for example, he's termed Iranian negotiations a "total disaster" and has called Obama "the worst president in history." Trump's supporters respond positively to his directness, but critics maintain that he comes off as volatile and ignorant of the issues.

Laura has more analysis in her report here, or click on over to our in-depth visit with David Litt: Meet the Speechwriter Behind Obama's Best Jokes.

-- Glenn McDonald

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