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Trick Your Brain to Feel High

WATCH OUTTAKES HERE: Join Tara, Anthony and special guest Trisha Hershberger from Sourcefed as they trick their senses!

Materials Needed:
- Rubber hand
- Hammer
- Two paint brushes
- Some sort of divider
- Sheet or cloth to cover arm
- Miracle Berries
- Sour and bitter foods
- Colored markers
- Sheet of paper
- Pencil to trace Experiment Tips:
- When performing the Fake Hand experiment, be sure to simultaneously stroke the fake and real hand so the subject feels the mirroring effect.
- When performing the Miracle Berry experiment, be sure to coat entire tongue with the miracle berry pill to ensure you get a sweet bite.

Get Your Own Miracle Berries!;=1396912570&sr;=8-1&keywords;=miracle+berry
Miracle fruit is formally known as Synsepalum dulcificum. It's a red berry that's native to West Africa.

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