With the Modular Prosthetic Limb, researchers from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab have successfully demonstrated the possibilities of controlling artificial limbs simply by thought. | Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

Top Prosthetic Limbs Bring Hope to Amputees

Bionic and robotic prosthetic limbs inch closer to giving amputees full restoration of their lost limbs.

Published On 04/24/2013
7:00 AM EDT
Foot and ankle prosthetics have come a long since the SACH, the Solid Ankle, Cushion Heel, developed in the mid-1950s. | Willow Wood
The carbon graphite technology in the Flex Foot essentially puts a spring in the wearers step. | Julian Finney/Getty Images
The BiOm Ankle System is the first bionic ankle-foot device commercially available for lower-extremity amputees. | iWalk Inc.
Icelandic company Ossur introduced their Symbionic Leg in 2011 as the world's first complete bionic leg. | Ossur
Touch Bionics's iLimbs use muscle sensors placed on the skin of an amputees and just announced the first upper limb prosthesis controlled by a smartphone app. | Touch Bionics
DARPA helped develop two anthropomorphic modular prototype prosthetic arms, both of which offer increased range of motion, dexterity and control options. | DEKA Research
With a Modular Prosthetic Limb, nerves that previously went to a patient's hand were re-routed to healthy muscles in the amputee's stump. | Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab