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Top 13 Scariest Haunted Houses in the U.S.

These haunted houses will bring the horror fun, for those who can stand the fright.

Looking for a good scare this Halloween? If the thought of your neighbor's haunted house makes you yawn, Hauntworld magazine has a list of the top 13 best places in the country that'll spook you. Let's see which places made the list.

First up, The 13th Floor and The Asylum. The 13th Floor haunted house seeks to answer the question of why so many buildings have no such numbered floor, all the while scaring the heck out of its visitors. New this year is an attraction called "Undead," an abandoned house beset with suitably apocalyptic zombies.

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The Asylum Haunted House, meanwhile, is set in a damp and musty institution for the criminally insane. A redesigned layout going deeper than previous levels means past visitors will be just as freaked out this year.

Bates Motel is located in a 200-year-old forest with overgrown trees, blanketing you in darkness even with a full moon out. But what it's known for is the hayride. Enjoy the pyrotechnics. We'll leave it at that.

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Pennhurst Asylum is in a real, 100-year-old abandoned mental institute. Ghost hunters are especially interested in this site. It has been featured on "Ghost Adventures" and "Ghost Hunters."

The Headless Horseman includes a corn maze, six haunted houses, a haunted hayride and actors riding around as the headless horseman himself. (At least we hope they're actors.)

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Once recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest haunted house in the world, Cutting Edge is located in an old meat-packing plant and features unique sets, animations and hundreds of live actors. All the meat packing equipment is real, left behind when the plant closed years ago.

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Thrillvania is a historic location once known as Verdun Manor, and the haunted house offers thrills aplenty, including flames bursting out of the building and a staff of actors praised for their chops.

Calling all "Zombieland" fans: The movie was filmed at Netherworld, known for its unique monsters and innovative scares. Created by film and TV pros, you can expect a the best costumes, stunts, sets and themes. Considered a top horror attraction, Netherworld has been featured on the Travel Channel and "Today" show.

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Experience 13 different indoor and outdoor fright zones, complete with haunted asylums, claustrophobic cellars, a real snake-infested swamp and more at the 13th Gate. A recent addition includes Necropolis 13, a 40,000-square-foot cemetery with zombie-infested crypts.

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Field of Screams has three haunted houses -- Den of Darkness, Nocturnal Wasteland and Frightmare Asylum -- along with a super-long hayride, shops and stage shows.

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This haunted house is 100 years old and includes three attractions within a two-story warehouse. Like a Hollywood set, The Darkness includes special effects, animations and actors. A 3D haunted house, Terror Visions 3D, leads you to a monster museum.

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Set up inside an old movie theater, House of Torment consists of three attractions in one, with new sets and scenes created each year. It uses Hollywood makeup artists and promises iconic characters. Attractions for 2013 include Blackthorne District, Cursed, and Slaughterhouse.

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Dipping into classic mythology for its name (Erebus means the darkness under the Earth, where sinners, or all of the dead, dwell after life), this four-story attraction offers interactive engagement with thrill seekers. To amp up the fear factor, the site's monster props literally reach out and touch visitors.

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So much for school being a place to learn. The theme here centers around a janitor on the grounds of an abandoned, haunted school house. Visitors to the school are treated to the kind of knowledge they might not wish to receive.

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This North Carolina-based attraction keeps up the spooky fun day and night, with a variety of styles of entertainment. In the daylight hours, the site includes dinosaur digs, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and scary tram rides. At night, the woods come alive -- or dead -- with zombies, spirits and assorted monsters.

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Situated right next to Houston's oldest graveyard, this attraction likes to boast of having REAL ghosts roaming the property, whose paranormal antics regularly haunt the area. Nightmare on the Bayou also has a very large Halloween retail store.

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