A sheet of graphene is thin, just a single atom thick.

Top 10 Uses for the World's Strongest Material

Graphene is strong, lightweight, conducts electricity and resists rust.

Published On 02/12/2013
1:50 PM EST
Graphene repels water and when mixed with polymer works as a rust-proofing coating.
Graphene transmits the heat energy from an electrical current to make sound. | University of Texas / Ji Won Suk
Computer chips with graphene supercapacitors could make batteries obsolete. | AB Still Ltd/Science Photo Library/Corbis
Microscopic bits of graphene oxide bind to radioactive contaminants and could make cleaning up nuclear waste safe and cheap. | Karen Kasmauski/Science Faction/Corbis
The first integrated circuit made of graphene was made by researchers at IBM. | IBM
A layer of graphene affixed to a polymer crumples and straightens when a current is run through it. | Laguna Design/Science Photo Library/Corbis
Graphene foam can pick up small concentrations explosive compounds. | Nikhil Koratkar
Graphene turned into a foam filter can be used to sequence DNA. | Moon Kim/UT Dallas
A composite fiber made from graphene and carbon nanotubes is stronger than the Kevlar used in conventional bulletproof vests. | Tim Graham/Sygma/Corbis
A layer of graphene dotted with lead sulfide creates an ultra-sensitive and flexible photodector for night vision. | John Moore/Getty Images