Goats in an argan tree. | Abedellah Aboudrare/Ecole Nationale d'Agriculture

Top 10 Things Poop Makes Better

Poop serves many purposes besides simply removing wastes from the body. Here are 10 ways poop makes things better.

Published On 07/05/2013
9:15 AM EDT
Chile peppers are hot in and out. | Jon Sullivan, Wikimedia Commons.
A wild civet gathers ripe Arabika coffee fruits at a coffee plantation producing the expensive Luwak coffee in Bangli district on Bali island. | SONNY TUMBELAKA/Getty Images
Hand-picked coffee beans from elephant dung in northern Thailand produce the world's most expensive coffee. | Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
African Elephants drink water at pond in afternoon light at Lewa Conservancy, Kenya, Africa. | Getty Images
The giant ground sloth was an avocado aficionado. | etee, Wikimedia Commons
Eeelgrass is a popular poop planter. | NOAA Photo Library, Wikimedia Commons
Swiss designer Yvan Arpa's holds his 'dinosaur dung watch.' | FABRICE COFFRINI/Getty Images
Tourists make elephant poo paper in Tanzania. | Harvey Barrison, Wikimedia Commons
Bricks of adobe are best made with donkey dung. | public domain, Wikimedia Commons