Firemen secure the perimeter of a sinkhole that left a huge crater in the middle of a residential area in Schmalkalden, Germany, Nov. 1, 2010. No one was hurt. The hole was about 20 meters (66 feet) deep. | Stefan Thomas/Corbis

Top 10 Sinkhole Facts That Can Save Your Life

Sinkholes are common features in Florida, but rarely do they kill, as is feared the case for one that swallowed a man in Tampa yesterday.

Published On 03/01/2013
6:30 PM EST
Sinkhole caused by heavy rain in South Carolina. | Jim Reed/Corbis
A large sinkhole at the former intersection of 31st and Grace Streets, caused by Hurricane Gaston. | John Henley/Corbis
A sinkhole caused by the rains from storm Agatha is seen in Guatemala City, capital of Guatemala, May 30, 2010. | Corbis
A passing passenger bus was entrapped after a road surface near an under-construction subway station in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, suddenly collapsed on Nov. 29, 2012. | Corbis
This is Cenote X-Keken in Dzitnup at Valladolid, Mexico. | Jean-Pierre Lescourret/Corbis
This is a street scene after 1964 earthquake in Alaska. | Bettmann/Corbis
The Great Blue Hole in Belize is the widest ocean sinkhole in the world, created by the collapse of an ancient cave system. It is 1,000 feet in diameter and 440 feet deep. | Norbert Wu/Corbis
The dry season reveals a giant sinkhole at Ankarana National Park, Northern Madagascar. | Thomas Marent/Corbis
The Bayou Corne sinkhole first appeared in Assumption Parish Louisiana in August of 2012. | Assumption Parish Police Jury
The Bimah Sinkhole, a limestone crater filled with brackish blue-green water, is a popular visitor attraction near Qurayat, Oman. | Dave G. Houser/Corbis