Patriots quarterback Tom Brady leaves a New York City courthouse on Sept. 3, after his four-game suspension was overturned. | NorthWoodsPix/Splash News/Corbis

Tom Brady's Deflategate and 10 Other NFL Scandals

Whether you love him or hate him, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is off the hook, but others are not so lucky.

Published On 09/03/2015
12:50 PM EDT
In September 2014, Ray Rice was released by the Baltimore Ravens. | Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons
Saints coach Sean Payton was suspended for a year after reports that players were paid for big hits. | Deek Bridges/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons
The brains of former NFL players are abnormal due to serious trauma, several studies reported. | Ann McKee, VA Boston, Boston University School of Medicine
Jeffrey Beall//Wikimedia Commons
Jonathan Martin was harassed daily by a teammate during his time with the Miami Dolphins. He left the team and now plays for the San Francisco 49ers. | Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia Commons
Mr.schultz/Wikimedia Commons
SteelCityHobbies/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons
Ted Kerwin/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons

Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons