To Arthur!: 25 Odd and Unusual Facts You Didn't Know About Guinness

If you're ever planning to go to Dublin, Ireland, make sure your trip includes being in town on September 27th. That's Arthur's Day, the birthday of Sir Arthur Guinness, the man who created one of the most popular and beloved beers in the word. I was fortunate enough to make it to Dublin for Arthur's [...]

Published On 10/09/2012
4:09 PM EDT
Guinness has a long -- and unusual -- history (Photos: Eric Rogell)
The St. James's gate at the St. James's Gate Brewery where Guinness is brewed
The actual 9,000 year lease signed by Sir Arthur Guinness. His signature is on the bottom right.
The Guinness Storehouse has a center atrium shaped like a giant pint glass
Roasted barley gives Guinness its ruby red (not brown, not black) color
This is the only known portrait of Arthur Guinness
The official trademark label of Guinness with the iconic harp