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This Unorthodox Procedure Makes Short People A Foot Taller

Do you wish you were taller? Well there's a surgically procedure you could go through to get taller, but it can be pretty painful...

For the entire history of the human species, if you were born shorter than average, there was nothing you could do except try to keep a good altitude attitude about it. But amazingly, that's no longer the case. Thanks to a medical procedure called "distraction osteogenesis," short people actually can be made taller – surgically.

It's bananas, all right: The heightening procedure requires breaking the leg bones then attaching a separating device that increases the distance between the two halves at about a millimeter per day. The bones will grow to fill the gap, gradually, and if all goes well, the patient can add a few inches after months of physical rehabilitation. All indications are that the procedure is as painful as it sounds, and most patients experience complications on the other end. Jules Suzdaltsev has the squirmy details in today's DNews report.

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