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This Unknown Russian Territory Could Fuel Cold War 2.0

With nuclear-capable missiles at the ready, Russia's Kaliningrad is threatening European security in a big way.

Caught between east and west, Russia has a territory called Kaliningrad that for decades has been a Soviet military fortress. With tensions rising between NATO and Russia, Kaliningrad has become one of the looming threats at the heart of what's being called the 'New Cold War.' Kaliningrad is cut off from Russia's mainland, but the surrounding countries are on high alert. Military exercises and Cold-War style theatrics happen in the territory frequently.

To add to the tension, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stationed new weapons in Kaliningrad, including nuclear-capable missiles with a range that threatens Germany as well as Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The territory's combat forces also almost outnumber those of the surrounding countries, tallying in at 11,000 troops compared to 4,000 in Latvia and 7,000 in Lithuania.

This new militarization is threatening European security, but could this really be the start of a new cold war?

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