'The Walking Dead' Returns: Know Your Zombies

Arguably the single most popular show on TV, 'The Walking Dead' is the latest zombie story to eat our brains.

Published On 10/11/2013
6:00 AM EDT
Stalwart survivor Andrea (Laurie Holden) takes a "walker" for a walk in a scene from season three. | AMC
Our hero Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) contemplates the virtues of the chain link fence in a preview image from season four. | AMC
Zombies on the run in the horror thriller "28 Days Later." | 20th Century Fox
Nicholas Hoult plays a soft-hearted and kinda cute zombie in the undead rom-com "Warm Bodies." | Lionsgate
The dreaded zombie cat in a scene from the 1989 horror film "Pet Sematary" | Paramount Pictures
Deadly mushroom zombies attack in the videogame "The Last of Us." | Sony Computer Entertainment
Director George Romero reanimated the zombie story with his 1968 movie "Night of the Living Dead." | Image Ten
The horror film "Dead Snow" is among several films and videogames to feature the scary idea of Nazi zombies. | Storm Studios
Wes Craven's 1988 film "The Serpent and the Rainbow" was based on actual investigations of Haitian "zombie" rituals. | Universal Pictures