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A Trans-Pacific Expedition to Help Save the Ocean

Ben Lecomte

Swimmer / Advocate / Founder

In 1998, Ben Lecomte swam across the Atlantic Ocean. Alarmed by plastic pollution and the deteriorating state of our oceans, he's now swimming across the Pacific from Tokyo to the U.S. to draw attention to this crisis before it's too late.

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The Mission

Bring Awareness To 0M Metric Tons Of Plastic in our Oceans
0 hrs Of Swimming per Day
0 Experiments for Scientific Research

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3 5 . 6 8 9 5 ° N
3 5 . 6 8 9 5 ° N
The Crew
Photo of Ben Lecomte Ben Lecomte Swimmer

The first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean without a kickboard in 1998, Ben’s back in the water in his attempt to swim across the Pacific Ocean in the name of ocean conservation awareness and scientific research.

Photo of Yoav Nevo Yoav Nevo Skipper

Yoav studied marine science and worked in diving and sailing for over 10 years, most recently as skipper and sailing instructor in Israel. His mission includes boat handling, navigation, safety, and general conduct on board.

Photo of Tyral Dalitz Tyral Dalitz First Mate / Research Manager

In his attempt to circumnavigate the world without flying and a degree in biology, Ty supports the scientific research on board.

Photo of Paul Lecomte Paul Lecomte Project Manager

Paul was just 8 years old when he saw his uncle Ben landing on a beach in Quiberon after his 73-day swim and 18 years later, he’s joined the crew to coordinate with the land team to tell their story while supporting Ben.

Photo of Maks Romeijin Maks Romeijin Medic / Research Assistant

Maks worked in cardiology, health care, and in association with World Extreme Medicine. He takes care of all people on board and monitors Ben.

Photo of Maria Amenabar Maria Amenabar Research Assistant

With a background in environmental engineering, microplastic research, and having sailed across the world, Maria coordinates data sample collection.

Photo of Gonzalo Muñoz Garcia Huidobro Gonzalo Muñoz Garcia Huidobro Scientist / Whale Expert

After joining Algalita expedition in the South Pacific studying microplastic pollution, Gonzo most recently comes from a small fishing village where he leads diving and whale watching adventures.

Photo of James DuBourdieu James DuBourdieu Producer, Nomadica Films

A member of the team covering the first manned submersible dives on the Antarctic continent, James has done many projects onboard scientific research vessels and his work can be seen on National Geographic, BBC, and Netflix.

Photo of Brian McNiece Brian McNiece Marine Engineer

A graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in marine systems engineering, Brian’s training at USMMA Kings Point includes emergency medical training, survival at sea tactics, and diesel/steam/gas turbine engineering.

Photo of Mark St. Marie Mark St. Marie Camera Operator, Nomadica Films

Working in Entertainment and TB production since 2002, Mark’s produced work all over the world - from South Africa to India to Alaska. He’s worked for networks including Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The History Channel, Fox, CBS and many more.

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