The Soviet Union's Secret Nuclear Disaster

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union kept many secrets, one of which was the Mayak nuclear plant. So why was the Mayak plant kept a secret?

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Radioactive Contamination of the Techa River and its Effects (physics.harvard.edu)
"Soviet nuclear science and technology made great achievements before the Second World War. But War (1941 - 1945) completely stopped all Soviet studies in this field."

The Nuclear Disaster of Kyshtym 1957 and the Politics of the Cold War (environmentandsociety.org)
"In the late afternoon of 29 September 1957, residents of the Chelyabinsk district in the Southern Urals noticed unusual bluish-violet colors in the sky."

Nuclear Accidents in the Former Soviet Union:Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk, and Chernobyl (dtic.mil)
"In September 1991, three weeks after the attempted putsch, I represented the Defense Nuclear Agency/Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute as part of a United States Information Agency (USIA) contingent in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia."

Human rights activist forced to flee Russia following TV 'witch-hunt' (theguardian.com)
"A human rights activist from a small town in the Urals has fled to Paris seeking asylum after a documentary on state TV channel Rossia 1 accused her of 'industrial espionage'."