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The Science and Fiction of 'Oblivion'

'Oblivion,' which features Tom Cruise on a post-apocalyptic Earth, is an original story showcasing many sci-fi concepts.

Published On 04/24/2013
7:20 AM EDT
Alien invasion is among science fiction's oldest and most enduring concerns. | Denis Scott/Corbis
Tom Cruise, as pilot Jack Harper, stares down a rogue drone in "Oblivion." | Universal Pictures
Artist's conception of Saturn as seen from the moon Titan. | Bettmann/Corbis
"Oblivion" trades heavily in images of a post-apocalypse Earth. | Universal Pictures
Clones are a recurring theme in science fiction films and literature. | Matthias Kulka/Corbis
Morgan Freeman and fellow underground dwellers in "Oblivion." | Universal Pictures
Tom Cruise is a pilot alone and in trouble. | Universal Pictures