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The Rise in Drug Epidemics Around the World

From meth addicts in Australia, to Heroin addicts in Afghanistan, the world is seeing an explosion in drug epidemics.

On Monday, Australian authorities discovered $900 million worth of liquid methylamphetamine inside silicon bra inserts and art supplies being shipped from Hong Kong to Sydney. If it had not been confiscated, the amount of liquid found could have made up to 1,100 pounds of high-grade crystal meth.

Australian Federal Police and China's National Narcotics Control Commission have been working together to try and crack down on the criminal gangs in China (a sufficient meth source country) who target Australia's appetite for "ice" as it's known on the street. Australia has a growing problem with the drug, which has been linked to a series of assaults and vehicle deaths, and is becoming increasingly available in rural areas.

But Australia is not the only country dealing with a drug epidemic of this proportion. In recent years, Afghanistan has seen a spike is opiate production and they currently produce 90% of the world's illicit opiates. It's not just an issue of increased production either, as Heroin users have skyrocketed as well. Heroin is cheap and easy to obtain, and in a country that has gone through years of war and political upheaval, getting addicted seems almost too easy.

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