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The Revolution To Overthrow Putin Has Already Started

Russian President Vladimir Putin is having his highest approval rating ever, but recent events suggest that his downfall could be imminent.

Here are some thoughts that probably come to mind when you are asked to think about Russian President Vladimir Putin: he's been in power for a suspiciously long time, you probably wouldn't want to cross him, there was that odd situation with the shirtless horseback riding. Whatever you think about it, it likely isn't positive. That would apparently put you at odds with the vast majority of Russia. That's because Putin holds an 80 percent approval rating.

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Russia is in the news a lot and it's rarely for a good reason. The country runs rampant with poverty, depression, and corruption. Their economy is falling apart and it took over Crimea in a move deemed illegal by most of the world. So why is Putin so popular? The answer isn't simple. First, the exact origin of these numbers isn't easy to figure out. Second, most Russian citizens aren't shown Putin that we are shown. They don't have news pundits calling him crazy and dangerous because their media is highly regulated by the government. Also, Russians who would speak out against Putin are either silenced before they do or move out of the country.

Beyond these contextual pieces that put these numbers in perspective, Putin's favorable image is a real reaction to some of the actions he has taken that make Russia look good to Russians. People say the annexation of Crimea was both a distraction and a display of Russia's power. Another example of Putin's push for nationalism came in the form of the country's new Patriot Park, a military-themed amusement park. These grand gestures of Russia's pride and prowess make many Russians see their homeland in a better light, and their impression of their leader often follows suit.

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