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The Real Reason Boobs Shrink After Breastfeeding

Post-breastfeeding, women's breasts eat themselves in order to shrink back to size. How do they do this and is it related to breast cancer?

When a mother stops breastfeeding her infant, a curious process begins to play out in the breasts. They get smaller, for one thing, in a matter of days. And from all indications, the body begins to dispose of certain cells that are no longer needed. But for many years, scientists weren't sure how, exactly, this disposal process took place.

Now we know: According to a recently published study, a series of experiments with mice has solved the mystery of the rapidly diminishing breast. And along the way, researchers may have uncovered some critical information about breast cancer. Science -- there's just no stopping it. Julian Huguet has the details in today's DNews dispatch.

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