The Real Reason Birds Fly In A V-Formation

Have you seen birds flying in a V formation and wondered why they do that? Yeah, so have we. And it turns out, the reason is super cool.

Humans have been watching birds for a loooong time. Archaeologists have found cave drawings of birds going back to the Stone Age, and scientifically accurate illustrations have been discovered in the records of ancient Greece and China. For thousands of years, we've pondered the mystery: Why do they fly in "V" formations like that, anyway?

Moderns science has a pretty good guess, actually – with some hard numbers to back it up. Essentially, the "V" formation makes it easier for birds to stay aloft, thanks to the particular characteristics of air vortexes and fluid dynamics. How does it work, exactly? Jules Suzadltsev has the details in today's DNews report.

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