The Mind Games Politicians Use To Win Votes

Politicians put a lot of work into the way they get votes, and it's not just by writing a great speech.

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Deep Voice Gives Politicians Electoral Boost (Scientific American)
"What makes a successful politician? Experience? Skill? Charisma? Perhaps you were searching for these traits while watching the recent Republican presidential debate. But what you might not have thought about was how your perception of the candidates could be influenced by their voices."

Tears and fears: How do emotions change our political attitudes? (Science Daily)
"Politicians know that turning on the tears can be a vote winner, but how does the political manipulation of our emotions actually work? Researchers explore how emotions such as anxiety, even if their cause has nothing to do with politics, can result in a hardening of our views."

Physiological Arousal and Political Beliefs (Political Psychology)
"In support of our hypotheses, the results of the present study indicate that heightened physiological reactivity, measured by SCL, mediated the relationship between anxiety and anti-immigration attitudes. This provides critical evidence that emotions incidental to the decision process can have important effects on our political beliefs."

Candidate Voice Pitch Influences Election Outcomes (Political Psychology)
"To wit, while voters consciously consider their own political preferences and those of the candidates when casting their ballots, the results presented here demonstrate that the electorate also makes thin impressionistic judgments based on far more subtle factors of which they may not be aware."