The game is a literate, character-driven story that evokes novels like Cormac McCarthy's The Road or the 2006 dystopian thriller Children of Men. | Sony

The Last of Us Rethinks Video Game Potential

Hugely popular and critically acclaimed, The Last of Us is pushing the limits of the video game medium.

July 10, 2013
12:30 PM EDT
The Last of Us is a classic "hero's quest." | Sony
The characters Joel and Ellie are uncommonly well developed, and their relationship is the emotional core of the game. | Sony
These days, voice acting in video game titles is an industry in itself within Hollywood. | Sony
It was a deliberate design choice to show the artifacts of human society -- the cities, roads and subway stations -- being gradually reclaimed by nature. | Sony
Music and sound are especially important in hyper-realistic genres to create suspense, tension and surprise. | Sony
Clickers are blind manics who track by echolocation. | Sony
The game employs a highly flexible combat system in which stealth and retreat can be just as valuable as a well-placed shotgun blast. | Sony
The game developers tried to create a concert of all the elements. | Sony