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The Healthiest Diet In The World Isn't Just About Food

Why are Mediterranean diets so healthy?

If you've ever been out in the world, you've likely seen the word UNESCO and this weird square in a circle all over the place. UNESCO is tasked with identifying, protecting and preserving human heritage; buildings, landscapes, and monuments. But in 2013, they added something intangible: The "Mediterranean Diet."

You may have heard of the "Mediterranean" diet, it's a big fad in the United States as of late, and it's considered to be one of the healthiest in the world.But thanks to UNESCO, it's not just healthy, it's also a piece of human heritage.

The Mediterranean Diet includes plant-based foods, as well as "healthy" fats and so on. Plus, and this is serious, limiting the amount of red meat. Grilled fish is a popular item, as are other seafoods. It also offers an alcoholic component: a bit of red wine.

The problem is, if you look at U.S. magazines and blogs for the "Mediterranean Diet," as we see it, you'd find lists of restrictions and requirements of what to eat, what not to eat, and how to prepare your meals. Because that's how American's see a "diet," but they're getting it all wrong.

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