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The Alleged Devil Worshippers ISIS Is Executing

The Yazidi people have faced a reign of terror and mass killings by ISIS for their religious beliefs. So who are the Yazidi people?

The Yazidi people are a religious and ethnic minority, the majority of whom live in northern Iraq. Most consider themselves ethnically Kurdish, and speak the language, but while Iraqi Kurds tend to follow Sunni Islam, Yazidis adhere to their own religion that combines parts of Islam, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism.

Since overtaking large portions of Iraq in 2014, ISIS has systematically killed thousands of Yazidi people, which the UN is calling a genocide. Just recently, two mass graves holding at least 18 Yazidis were found near Mosul, and authorities expect to uncover at least 40 of these graves as they take the region back from the Islamic State.

Who are the Yazidi people and why is ISIS targeting them? Watch today's Seeker Daily video to find out.

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