The 5 Craziest Sperm!

A few weeks ago, the world's oldest sperm was discovered! While this is incredibly interesting,

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Weird 'Couch Potato' Sperm Found in Naked Mole Rats
"For any other animal, sperm like the naked mole rat's would be considered faulty and infertile, new research suggests. Only about 0.1 percent of the sperm are fast, active swimmers."

Sexual ornamentation reflects antibacterial activity of ejaculates in mallards
"Bacteria present in ejaculates can impair sperm function and reduce male reproductive success."

World's oldest fossil sperm found at Riversleigh
"Preserved giant sperm from tiny shrimps that lived at least 17 million years ago have been discovered at the Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil Site by a team including UNSW Australia researchers."

Machines of aggressively loving grace
"Squid don't just make sperm: they package it up into fairly elaborate little torpedoes called spermatophores, which are either handed to the female with a specially modified arm called the hectocotyl arm, or squirted onto her with a penis."

Beetle Sperm Teams Up To Navigate Females' Bodies
"The sperm of the male diving beetle is seriously strange: Instead of swimming in the female reproductive tract on their own, individual sperm cells often stick together in pairs, in clusters and even in long chains of hundreds or thousands."