The 5 Best Ways to Break Into CrossFit

So, you've decided to finally do something about your sad state of fitness, and you keep hearing from CrossFit disciples how effective it is for whipping people into shape. Fast. But you've also heard all the CrossFit horror stories: people puking in the corner, passing out on the floor, being made to work out way [...]

August 6, 2012
2:49 PM EDT
CrossFit works your whole body with exercises like tire flipping and sled pushing (Photo: SF CrossFit)
Working out in a CrossFit "box" (Photo: CrossFit Predators)
Pushing weighted sleds (Photo: SF CrossFit)
Rowing machines giving... and getting... a workout (Photo: SF CrossFit)
Often the workouts take place outside the box (Photo: SF CrossFit)
A good number of CrossFit disciples are women (Photo: SF CrossFit)
Olympic style lifts are a core part of CrossFit WODs (Photo: CrossFit Predators)