As technology is impacting our lives, it's also affecting our brains. | Corbis Images

Techs That Make Us Stupid

Computer innovations have transformed how we work, how we interact, how we live -- and how we think.

March 19, 2013
9:58 AM EDT
GPS dependence can affect memory and spatial orientation. | Corbis Images
Are students learning math or just how to use calculators? | Corbis Images
Internet search engines allow us to find and process information quickly, but not necessarily retain it. | Getty Images
The iPhone 5 appears alongside Samsung's Galaxy S3. | Corbis Images
Spell checks can reduce errors in text, but it doesn't do any favors for spelling skills. | Getty Images
Technology promises to make us better multitaskers. But is multitasking making us dumber? | Corbis Images
Texting while driving is not only stupid, but potentially deadly. | Corbis Images